U. G. Menon Memorial Endowment

For a student in Architecture with Highest marks in Fine Arts related subjects. Instituted by : Mrs. Vimala Menon


ug_menonLate Sri.U.G.Menon was one of the leading Interior Designers and Furniture Manufacturers. Kerala House at New Delhi, Conference halls of KSIDC, KSBC and RBI are all a few among the many prestigious works undertaken by him.

Sri.U.G.Menon was the Fine Arts Expert for about 6 years in the Department of Architecture at College of Engineering. Later he resigned and started freelancing. He passed away in 1985 at the age of 42 leaving behind his mother Mrs. M.A.U Menon, wife Mrs. Vimala Menon & children Shyam G Menon & Yamuna Menon.

Recipient's Name
Annie Isaac
George K Punnoose
Subhash Mohan
Chandni L. G 1996
Hari D 1997
Sunil P Stanley 1998
Vinitha Sara Panicker 1999
Shinjo Thomas 2000
Nair Lathika I 2001
Subha Sivadas 2002
Poornima H 2003
Devi Gopinath 2004
Remya Kumar 2005
Sujith G.S 2006
Renu Ann Jacob 2007
Sachin S 2008
Sharat Sunder R 2009
Varun K 2010
Indu V 2011
Athira S B 2012
Shabna S 2013
Bella Ullas 2015-2016