Dr. S. Hariharan Endowment

Highest marks in Electric Machines. Instituted by : Staff Members of Electrical Engg. Dept. and friends.


The late Dr. S. Hariharan joined the College of Engineering, Trivandrum, as Lecturer in Electrical Engineering in 1953. He had training in Australia during 1955-56. He took his M.Sc (Engg.) degree from the University of Kerala in 1962 and Ph.D from 1.1.T Madras in 1974. He became Professor of Electrical Engg. in the College and later worked on deputation as Principal of the TKM Engineering College, Kollam. He retired as Joint Director of Technical Education. During his tenure as Joint DTE he also worked as Special Officer to prepare proposals for the establishment of new Government Engineering colleges at Kannur and Kottayam.

Dr. Hariharan was a person known for his meticulous nature and fabulous memory for details. During most of his career and after retirement he lived in his house in Tutor's lane, Statue Road, Trivandrum.
Recipient's Name
Kala Devi T
Anilkumar J
Thara Nair
Anilkumar N. V 1996
Malu Sivasanka
Sona G. K
Preethi Warrier
Sunil Kumar V
Suma Suresh 2001
Vinitha Saro T. 2002
Rajeswari S 2003
Kurian John 2004
Dukes J. Pitt 2005
Manoj G. Kamath 2006
Hridya S. Sekhar 2007
Ann Mary Jose 2008
Anupama P K 2010
Arjun M 2011
Girish P R 2012
Sajith B S 2013
Anju Marium Panicker 2015-2016