R. S. Varier Memorial Endowment

Three top ranking students of Electrical & Electronics in the final year B. Tech degree examination. Instituted by : Sri.S.Ruby and Smt.S.Syama.

Shri R.S. VARIER who left significant footprints in the electrical power history of Kerala, especially through his remarkable role in the planning and execution of the Idukki project, was a gold medallist for his first rank in the Electrical Engineering Degree Examination held by the erstwhile Travancore University in 1946. His professional career is part and parcel of the Travancore State Electricity Department and its later avatar as Kerala State Electricity Board.
rswarrierHe started as a Junior Engineer and had his chequered experiences in power generation, transmission, distribution, and administration during his illustrious service spanning more than three decades. He finally rounded off his career as the Technical Member of KSEB in 1980. He was instrumental in effecting timely reforms in the organisational functions of the Board. His international exposure to the developed countries helped in the transfer of modern technology to our power system.

Shri Varier was noted for his singular dedication and commitment. He had won encomiums from his colleagues for his technical competence, operational efficiency, and integrity.

Son of Shri Venmony Rama Varier, an ardent protagonist of naturopathy and physical culture, Shri R.S.Varier was blessed with the happy blend of rural wisdom and modern outlook. He is survived by his wife Mrs Santha Varier, whose creative efforts have blossomed into fictional works in Malayalam. His son Ruby and daughter Syama graduated from our college; they have achievements of their own right in the profession. Varier's granddaughter Misha is also our alumna.

He passed away in 1986, leaving behind pleasant memories of a complete professional of repute.
Recipient's Name
Aswin Chandran
Babu G. S
Anurag R
Salma Rafeen 2000
Rajitha A. P
Divya Damodharan
Sunilkumar V
Geetha Nair
Geetha Balakrishnan 2000
Mukhta R 2001
Vinitha Saro 2002
Manju B. Shenoy 2002
Nithya G. Kumar 2002
Rajeswari S 2003
Preethilatha H 2003
Reva R 2003
Sita Krishnamoorthy 2004
Vidya P.V 2004
Kurian John 2005
Liz Lawrens 2005
Karthik P.H. 2005
Dukes J. Pitt 2005
Manoj G. Kamath 2006
Anusri s. 2006
Pooja Bhoumik 2006
Anupa James 2007
Sumith M.S 2007
Hridya S. Sekhar 2007

1. Anoop K G
2. Vivek P
3. Deepak M


1. Vaiskh V 2. Devu P V 3. Anandh R Krishnan


1. Vishnu M 2. C K Sajeev


1. Anupama P K 2. Vishnu M 3. Nidhila Dinesh


1. Athira Ashokan 2. Safeer P C 3. Aswathy P


1. Agin Antony 2. Annie John C S 3. Amal Balachandran

Rejith Mohan M 2015-2016
Poornima Harikumar
Anju J A