Prof. M. G. Koshy Memorial Endowment

Best Student in Maths for all branches. Instituted by : Sri. George Koshy.

The late Prof. M. G. Koshy was Professor of Mathematics in the University College, Trivandrum before he joined the College of Engineering, Trivandrum as Head of the Department of Mathematics in 1959 in the old College campus and continued in the new campus also. After retirement he worked as Emeritus Professor of Mathematics during 1972 in the College. During his official career and afterwards he stayed at his house in the SPCA road, near PMG junction, Trivandrum. He was a good sportsman and a team manager and coach for volleyball.

Recipient's Name
Sujith Thomas Zachriah
Renu M.R
Kumaradas K.R
Sanjaya Ganesh H 1997
Priya S Kumar
Sudhin S
Nishi Giri
Laxmi Santhosh 2001
Harish V 2001
Rajeswari S. 2002
Resmi Rajendran 2003
Jose George 2004
Aravind V 2005
Vivek Reghuram 2006
Anoop K.G 2007
Jobin Francis 2008
Ann Mery Thomas 2009
Anitha M 2010
Anish G S 2011
Kiran S R 2012
Anagha V Sankar 2013
Kalyani Vishu 2015-2016