Prof. S. G. Subramonia Sarma Memorial Endowment

Instituted in the year 2002 by the family members of late Prof. S. G. Subramonia Sarma who was a professor in mathematics at various colleges in kerala including at College of Engineering, Trivandrum. The award to be given to the highest marks in MBA fulltime degree examination conducted by the kerala university from College of Engineering, Trivandrum.

SubramoniaSarma An endowment has been instituted by Sri. Suresh Subramoniam (1985 M) and Sri. Ramesh Subramoniam (1989 M) in the name of their father, Late Prof. P. G. Subraminia Sarma, former Professor of Mathematics. Prof. Sarma retired from CET in 1991 after thirty five years of teaching with longer stints in Government Arts College and University College, Thiruvananthapuram. The award will be presented every year to the student who passes the MBA degree program with highest marks from the Department of Business Administration of CET.

Recipient's Name
Binsu Chandran