A well established tradition at this College is the CETAA Day, which takes place on the second Saturday of November every year at the Diamond Jubilee Hall of this institution.

         In 2015, the CETAA Day was conducted on 14th November 2015 and it was an occasion for the Golden Jubilee Reunion of 1965 batch and the Silver Jubilee Reunion of 1990 batch. More than 300 alumni along with their families had been to the campus from different countries across the world and reconnected with the faculty and fellow graduates while making new connections throughout the CET community.

        On this occasion, CETAA also presented the Distinguished Alumnus Recognition Award to its alumni in recognition of their achievements of exceptional merit. The recipients for the year 2015-16 were Sri. Ajith Kumar (1972 EE), Sri. Rakesh S. (1984 ME), Sri. Uma Maheswaran (1985 EC), and Sri. K.S. Sabarinath (2006 EE).

        A technical seminar FASTER 2015 on Green Energy and Energy Conservation was also conducted in the CETAA Hall on 14th November 2015. This technical seminar was co-sponsored by ANERT and EMC and was attended by more than 100 alumni.